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Short Outline
Successful strategic urban/rural planning can provide a realistic vision of spatial development where optimal capacities are capable of being achieved. At the same time, the needs of consumers can be fulfilled within a sustainable environment. This paper outlines a systematic approach to the above utilising, as its model, the revitalisation of a rural community in Serbia.
Strategic planning of urban/rural communities is based on future vision of the space, which is not always realistic and possible solution. Although, realistic vision means that Strategic planning has to assure sustainability and quality of the space through implementation of Sustainable strategic projects. Sustainability doesn’t necessarily mean ‘slow progress’, but ultimately means ‘optimal’ and ‘good quality’ solutions based on real capacity of the space and real needs of the consumers.
Determination of urban/rural space as a system, sustainable solutions and high quality designs, are the tools for successful implementation, monitoring and control of Sustainable strategic projects, as a part of MODEL FOR SUTSINABLE STRATEGIC PLANNING OF URBAN/RURAL SPACE. Sample of Strategic project based on sustainable development and quality of the space is Model for revitalization of rural community in Serbia - case study of village Krcmar.
First step for Model development was to define rural environmental system of village Krcmar that includes rural community system and rural landscape system. Second step was to identify problems inside and outside the system, caused by various factors such as anthropogenic factors, political and economical issues in Serbia, global regional changes, etc. Next step was to determine indicator of sustainability and parameter of the quality for rural environment and their application on System of village Krcmar. Analyze of various monitored elements, site data collection, and systemic approach were foundation for successfully developed Model for revitalization of village Krcmar.
Further step in modeling is to define program of actions such as development of various strategic projects (heritage and cultural protection, integration green building design into traditional architectural matrix, program for revitalization and conservation of pastures and forests, program for land protection and erosion control, etc) and their implementation.
Strategic urban/rural planning, sustainable developmentand quality of space, systemic aproach, modeling.
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