- A Land Development Conflict in Turkey: The role of urban planning in regulating the process    click here to open paper content340 kb
by    Kaya, Nursen | nursenkaya@iyte.edu.tr   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper presents the land development process and alternative urban projects proposed for the Inciralti district in Izmir (Turkey) in parallel to strategic planning efforts. One of the proposals is an expo project as Izmir is an expo candidate for 2015.
The recent years are witnessing crucial transformations for Turkish planning practice. In the core of the transformations stands a shift from a regulatory comprehensive approach towards a more strategic approach. Some of those developments are enlargement of the metropolitan municipality boundaries, the requirement for the municipalities to prepare their strategic urban plans and new arrangements for involvement of the public in planning studies.
The land development process of Inciralti district demonstrates an example through which the logic and dilemmas in urban policy-making in Turkey can be observed. On one hand it presents how urban projects become political tools particulary for city visioning. On the other hand it presents the conflicts generated from the lack of coordination between various levels of public authority and the planning authorities’ search for a co-productive multi-actor approach as to overcome the conflicts and to finalize the discussions lasting for almost 30 years. The problems faced throughout the process and the attempts (public and private) to overcome these problems highlight the need for a reconsideration of major debates in urban planning field: Who will plan? For whom to plan? What is the logic of each actor in the process? How can we develop a cooperative processes to realize urban projects?
The lessons gained from Inciralti experience will contribute to institutional structure of planning through both challenging and propoting planning practice. The case highlights the danger of the weakness of institutional arrangements to solve land use conflicts and negative perceptions for the role of urban planning.
land develoment process, Turkish planning practice, strategic planning, public involvement in plan-making
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