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Short Outline
There is a new law in France that is pertinent in debate on the principles of the “trialogue”. However, application is jeopardised by a strong tradition of regulations. The congress will be an occasion for an encounter between these tendencies.
Concerning the notion of Trialogue, the “Loi de Solidarité et Renouvellement Urbain » (Law of Solidarity and of Urban Renewal), recently applied in France, can be used as a solid basis for debate. It provides for
- long term vision for a “Projet d’Aménagement et de Developpement Durable” (Project for Sustainable Development), including guidelines for future action,
- a “Plan Local d’Urbanisme” (Local Development Plan) providing for means to restructure, to renovate and to transform the urban space within a given perimeter
- participation by all those concerned through dialogue, even during the phases of conception

The reality of a governance strongly marked by regulations modifies the announced principles: the long term project is not statutory, the creative spirit is thwarted. The era of the new towns seems to be outmoded.

At a time when important needs are becoming manifest, particularly in terms of housing (60 000 per year in Ile de France), there is rupture and risk of appearance of forms of development that do not take into account the quality of life.

Reflection is required :
- questioning of regional dimensions and of an outdated administrative past – definition of new units of management, of life and of exchange, capable of evolving while conserving their identity. Numerous examples can be quoted, in the Paris region as well as the frontier regions involving Belgium and Germany.
- re-evaluation of statutory documents that apply only to land for building, implying new approaches to spaces for living and exchange, creating another image of the urban environment. This vision of the living city will refer to numerous examples to be illustrated.
- practicing true dialogue between actors in the form of a partnership between public and private sectors, in all phases of a development process. Many of those elected for responsibilities have understood this need.

In presenting several experiences, members of the French delegation wish to open a field of reflection, in questioning outdated policies. It is the occasion to present the evolution of the New Towns and business quarters resulting from other practises'' dans la présentation que j'ai faite en abstract afin de bien introduire les textes de:
Philippe Vaillant - Edmond Bonnefoy et Béata Hildebrand - Igor Dergalin - Said Almi

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