- Integrative Research on redeveloping real Estate, urban Sustainability: case study of Shanghai World Expo 2010    click here to open paper content613 kb
by    ZHENG, Liang | lz717@hotmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The tremendous redeveloping process of Shanghai brings socio-spatial polarization and exclusion comparable to western post-fordist cities. Urban suitability must be confronted in the perspective of real estate redeveloping projects.

During the tremendous redeveloping process of Shanghai, the operational mode is changing and reorganizing relationship between participators. Real estate companies became to actively participate in urban redevelopment. Driven by the profit-seeking enterprises, the redevelopment benefit has been unevenly redistributed. The urban redevelopment of Shanghai now mainly served for urban growth and profit making. Resistance arises from residential relocation and clearance of central slams. Consequently it brings socio-spatial polarization and exclusion comparable to western post-fordist cities.

Effective integration to promote the social-urban cohesion is very necessary to be implemented. The study of improving sustainability of redeveloping real estate projects inevitably led to a deeper understanding of public policy on land use, physical planning, municipal regulation, market research, legal framework, site appraisal, economic evaluation, financial arrangements, building typologies and marketing strategy dimensions. In my research, I would concern on the pilot redeveloping real estates projects which enormously influence the urban transformation. In particular, the appropriate pilot redevelopment of real estates projects could be considered as the effective way to put the integrated guideline into practice. Moreover, it also brings a huge change of urban mobility, urban spatial structure, urban architecture art and urban economy. Needless to say, it is a point which reflects and promotes the urban planning.

Despite ongoing scientific and political debate regarding specific definitions of sustainability, the term has proven to be a useful organizing concept for exploring the relationship between social, economic, and ecological systems, their current conditions, and trends (Floyd et al. 2001). In my research, the sustainability for redeveloping real estate projects would be mainly concentrated on socioeconomic perspectives on sustainability which balance the distribution of socio-spatial and socio-culture resources in the urban complex. I proposed ˇ°integrated guidelinesˇ± consisting of five elements: urban culture integration, urban policy integration, civic integration , urban landscape integration and urban economic integration. All this elements would be formed as quality indictors to could help the urban transformation socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable.
urban sustainablity
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