- Experiences of new strategic Projects in Palermo (Italy)    click here to open paper content43 kb
by    Giampino, Annalisa & Todaro, Vincenzo | annalisagiampino@inwind.it   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper discusses the following:
1)Relations between traditional planning and new strategic instruments;
2)Identify scenarios that address strategies and actions and the synergies between instruments and policies, actors and subjects;
3)Relation between public/private actors.
The new generation of strategic urban projects has inaugurated one different modality of
institutional and spatial management for the complexity of the contemporary city. The traditional
models of public policy have been replaced from new modalities of public-private interventation
for regeneration the urban districts degradeted. These tools define new strategies of urban
interventetion including processes and effects of complex physical urban trasformations. Many
sicilian cities are today characterized by heavy level of social and phisical isolation; this problem
play a central role in the definition of innovate approaches to the urban planning.
At a distance fifteen years from the first experimentations in Sicily, the present paper means to
estimate the controversial issues of the strategic urban projects activated in the city of Palermo.
The attention will focused on the relationship between the original intentions and the issues
concretely obtained. The sicilian city compose a corpus of ''active resources'' to preserve and
value through the coherent instruments of planning, policies and local actions.
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