- Qualification Strategies and Visions sharing for the Valorisation of costal Areas: the URBACOST Programme and the Roman Coast Areas    click here to open paper content1010 kb
by    Imbesi, Paola | darchitetti@libero.it   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Intrinsic qualities and resources of the Roman costal areas show a considerable wealth in the Roman metropolitan area. This heritage could represent an opportunity to develop valorisation patterns to be used in the configuration of strategic visions.
Costal areas are places in which, with straight, were set against the different logical of preservation tout court and transformation, particularly in order to benefit for tourism and free time.
Intrinsic qualities and resources of roman costal area show considerable wealth and diffusion in roman metropolitan area overview. This heritage could represent suggestions and opportunity for develop valorisation and transformation patterns – tourist, social, cultural – that still escape to the traditional logics based on polarizing initiatives and interventions addressed to the core area of Rome. These transformations take on value in the configuration of strategic visions. These vision are aimed at consolidate the link between request and offering in changeable contexts (in spatial, temporal and socioeconomic dimension).
The URBACOST programme “Coast urbanisation and rural areas with high historical structural function” , has began in July 2004 to study conditions of costal areas characterised from peculiar cultural heritage and propose innovative strategies and vision of valorisation.
The aims inherent in the programme are various:
• the configuration of a reading and intervention methodology for the costal region
• the settlement of different possible visions of offering development and the valuation of load capacity compatible with sustainable development;
• the creation of a “costal areas observatory for the West Mediterranean Sea”
• the elaboration of an application form for intervention in costal areas in which make flow the results of this research programme
Strategic contents of the project is fundamental: to the old tutelage approach set against an innovative attention to the central role of territory and a new intervention strategy based on complexity of peculiar cultural heritage of costal areas for a sustainable dimension of productivity in terms of cultural, social, environmental values: The aim is declared: generate new synergy circuits between human activity, historical permanence and natural resources.
Cultural heritage, costal areas
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