- Entangling Land-use Regulations in China“s Urban Growth: The Case of Guangzhou    click here to open paper content1146 kb
by    WEI, Yaping & MIN, Zhao | yapole@zju.edu.cn   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The urban growth of China's mega-cities is a combination of 'Urban Spill Over' and 'Local Urban Sprawl'. We examine the land-use regulations and urban growth from an institutional context.
The urban growth of China’s mega-cities is a combination of urban spill over and local urban sprawl. This paper reviews land-use regulations in an institutional context and argues that intra-conflicts among land-use regulations are related to ideologies in terms of land ownership and embedded in different planning doctrines, which are analyzed with special reference to the case of Guangzhou. The evidence suggests that entangling land-use regulations have imposed increasing constrains to mega-city’s urban growth. The contradictions of different policies and land-regulations at different level joined together in construction-use right of collective-owned land, and incurring intensive competition among stakeholders. As a result, not only the costs of land conversion and land administration increased, but the spatial development of mega-cities would be further distorted. The implications of these failures for future policy development are discussed with emphasis on the reform of land-use regulation system.
land-use regulation; urban planning; land-use planning; Guangzhou
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