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Short Outline
By formalizing the Independent Institute for Urban Development Planning, Cancun has the opportunity to plan the urban growth of the city. The STRATEGIC PLAN is the instrument which gives the city a view of the fields there has to be worked on.
44th ISOCARP Internacional Congreso, Dalian, China, 2008


Arq. Eduardo Ortiz Jasso
Cancún, México
05 de marzo del 2008

The case Cancun

Cancun, planned as a High Rank Tourist Centre, is now the results of an accelerated grow. An analysis was needed to determine the development patron of the city, which shows that there have been several important and isolated efforts on planning, programs and projects. The city has been incorporating new areas for human settlement to the urban spot, as an unintended urban form without any concept.

The Municipal administrations have seen themselves exceeded in their capacity of controlling this urban sprawl. They need to give an answer to, and have resources for, solving the problems and the requirements for the city to continue growing at the same rhythm as the hotel district does.

A future plan is needed which integrates an environmental, economical and social vision which permits that the city analyses his vocation but also valuates his potential. In this type of planning al citizens have to participate, defining what kind of city they want for the future and what actions they have to realize to make it happen.

A new course has to be defined; Cancun has to count with a development model which permits to have a clear vision of to where the city has to grow. Therefore, an instrument is designed which integrates all the elements for the Urban Sustainable Development of the Municipality.

This instrument is the Independent Institute for Urban Development Planning (IMPLAN), who created the so called STRATEGIC PLAN, which gives a clear view of the lines and defines the great areas, on which have to be worked. It integrates social, environmental, urban and economical elements.

The STRATEGIC PLAN FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CANCUN 2030 represents the opportunity to give a new course to the city, so that al actors participate in the decision which course to take, promoting economic development of the city, in function of his potential.
IMPLAN Cancun STRATEGIC PLAN opportunity of urban grow
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