- Planning for Restrictions to Beijing’s urban built-up Space    click here to open paper content912 kb
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Short Outline
A long-term study of Beijing’s urban growth over several decades, as a basis for form-ulating a model for urban growth restraints according to ecological and other risk criteria.
The project is located in Beijing, which is in the rapid urbanization process. Over the last decades, the urban built-up area expansion caused the urban sprawel, ignoring the continity of the ecosystems, the requirements of the protection to the ecological sensitive areas, the avoidance of the hazard of the natural desaster and the evironmental pollution. Moreover, the urban population and the level of the urbanization is predicted growing continully in the next fifteen years. The urban built-up areas are expected to spread. Meanwhile, the further spatial arrangement of Beijig urban built-up areas is subject to multiple constraints. Addressing these issues, as well as keeping the integrity of the ecosystem, this project tends to identify the urban construction restrictive zones, to guide the direction of the healthy development. It was carried out by Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design and Beijing Municipal Planning Committee in 2006 and was approved by Beijing Municipal Government in 2007.

The project integrated Ecological suitability, engineering geology, resource protection, and other factors, clarified the prohibited, restricted and suitable areas for building construction, to guide the development and construction of cities and towns. The construction prohibited areas is the first choice of eco-development, ecological construction and, in principle, to prohibit any act of urban construction. The restricted area in most is a natural focus on the ecological conditions and the better protected or sensitive areas, in accordance with resources, and environmental conditions will be further divided control hierarchy, urban construction sites should be chosen wherever possible avoidance. And restrictions on the building of the overlapping areas of urban construction, the building should be restricted to specific requirements, make the corresponding ecological impact assessment and ecological compensation measures. Suitable area can give priority to the development of the area, but also act in accordance with the building of resources and environment conditions, the determination of reasonable scientific development mode, the scale and intensity.
Planning in Restrains,prohibited area, restricted area,Suitable area
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