- From global to local: City Marketing and the Plan Erechim100    click here to open paper content1022 kb
by    Adonis Barbieri, Rodrigo | bbarqeng@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper intends to understand how the new practices in urbanism such as City Marketing have influenced the peripherical cities, out of the 'Global Cities'.
This work aims to contribute to the understanding of new practices in urbanism and the form that these practices reach the planning of peripherical cities. With this objective, we will analyse a plan made for a city of small/medium size in the southern region of Brazil, trying to identify how this new urbanism is made public and is absorbed.

Expressed in 2001, the plan Erechim100 was characterized by a set of proposals of urban qualification, having as goals not only to improve the quality of life of the city dwellers, but arouse touristic interest as well, including economic aspects.

Among the considered approaches are the urban marketing (city marketing) and strategic planning that come from the business area. These have had increasing influence on planning in general.

To achieve these goals, international authors like Landry, Kotler, Sasken, Aschworth will be analysed and compared to other ones that are developing a Brazilian perspective about the subject, like Lerner, Compans, Maricato, among others.
City Marketing, City Branding, Local Development
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