- Stategic Project Choice in a Context of limited Resources    click here to open paper content263 kb
by    Magalhaes, Fernanda & Rojas, Eduardo | fmbrasil@centroin.com.br   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper deals with the steps taken into the decisison making process in order to select actions or projects aiming at sustainable development. It looks at a number of case studies in order to draw lessons.
The aim of this paper is to highlight how strategic urban local short term projects are selected, departuring from a structured long term vision, in order to achieve the best use (benefit) of limited resources. It starts presenting the local context, its typical urban problems,and it follows by looking at the varaiables to be considered in the project selection process and in defining priorities. It calls attention to the fact that those choices are not merelly a technical decision but above all involve aspects of political nature. The analysis of cases allows to register steps followed in the selection process and look at the conection between projects and the urban planning framework.
urban project selection
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