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by    Mitrovic, Sonja & Kacar, Maja & Jankovic, Daniela | ymsd@sympatico.ca   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
A green space of 140 ha, nested in the river’s mouth of Danube and Sava, Belgrade, is proposed for the competition. The challenge was environmental compatibility in urban networks and requirements for the Opera House, the Art Museum and the government building known as SIV.
Strategically most important part of modern Belgrade, undefined green space over 140 hectares nested in urban network, along the river banks Danube and Sava, just on the river’s mouth. Facing the Old City Fortress ‘Kalemegdan’, the space is known as ‘USCE’ (English-river mouth), symbol of Belgrade by itself, the biggest green space in urban matrix of the New Belgrade. With reach historical and archeological background, environmentally sensitive and ecologically divers, connected with the biggest residential conglomerate, City Park ‘Usce” is proposed for reconstruction, based on sustainable urban design. Enormously challenging for planners and designers of all profiles in a sense to: determine new dimension of existing buildings and undefined small spaces inside the ‘big green potential’, identify possibilities for the river banks regulation methodology, satisfy needs of ‘new and old’ society and present economically potential justification of the project. Designed and partly-built during socialism, unfinished in unstable transitional political and economical phase of Serbia, captured by modern needs, space was challenge as well as esthetic visualization of sustainable design for many reasons: as a goal to recognize the story of the space driven by the flow of two rivers, as a new structure in the endless time, as a possibility to serve and satisfy the society and the municipality and as a discovery point of essential and unknown potential of the space. Case study was coordinated by two basic elements: integration and sustainability. The biggest impact on conceptualization of the project was environmental compatibility within wider urban network along the rivers, as well as requirements and needs for New Opera House Building, reconstruction of Museum for Contemporary Art and regeneration of old institutional government building known as SIV. Key words: rivers mouth, sustainability, integration, urban matrix, new, old.
river’s mouth, sustainability, integration, urban matrix, new, old
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