- The Effects of urban Sprawl on spatial Fragmentation and social Segregation in Istanbul    click here to open paper content915 kb
by    Altinok, Emrah & Cengiz, Hüseyin | altinok.emrah@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper discusses Istanbul's spatial fragmentation and social segregation problems which are related to urban sprawl.
Within the scope of search for solutions to the housing problem emerging at the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, a rapid urbanization episode was experienced between mid 19th century and mid 20th century. During this course, the cities have sprawled in so-called spreading oil stain, linear and pulsed patterns; and by 1960's the growth phenomenon has reached to a certain saturation. Nonetheless, with the advanced technological developments fielded in production, transportation and communication areas, the referred sprawl activity, going through various transformations, continued to determine the characteristics of urbanization, following 1960's as well. In this context, views suggesting that the urban sprawl has been intensifying the spatial fragmentation and social segregation in many cities are finding stronger grounds.

In Turkey and specifically in Istanbul, the uncontrolled peripheral expansion commenced in form of illegal housing especially as a consequence of industrial development after 1950's. In general, this expansion, threatening the valuable fertile lands, watersheds and forest areas continued after 1980’s as well; and in time has transformed into a justified uncontrolled urbanization movement with a diversity of land uses instead of being limited to illegal housing. As a spatial and social outcome of this uncontrolled urbanization, today at the point where the movement led to, we observe the winners and losers of the cities, living at apparently adjacent but totally differentiated peripherals.

In this paper, Istanbul's deepening spatial fragmentation and social segregation problems at the peripherals which are related with the urban sprawl are discussed. The signs of the referred problems at the peripherals are comparatively investigated and the opportunities and challenges with respect to the attainment of an urbanization practice for sustainable and manageable growth of Istanbul based on integration are elaborated.
Urban Sprawl, Spatial Fragmentation, Social Segregation
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