- Santa Lucía: A hidden Treasure in the urban Structure of Maracaibo    click here to open paper content520 kb
by    Bracho, Diana & Faneite, Yuri & Faria, Carmen | diabracho@hotmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Within the structure of Maracaibo, Santa Lucia becomes a unique piece. This work outlines its consolidation as a multifunctional center that would lead to sustainability. Its patrimonial characteristics vouch its role as a development hub.
From the moment of its birth, the neighborhood of Santa Lucia has preserved its original formal, spatial and functional attributes that have long characterized it. This makes it a unique urban piece with enough identity within itself, able to develop inwards.
This compels us to articulate and promote plans that esteem and insert the incipient actions that have begun to take place as artistic, cultural and social initiatives that are native within this local context. The strong cultural and patrimonial vocations of Santa Lucia are a bold warranty for achieving of this objective.
This research work presents the initial steps of one much broader named Maracaibo: New Centralities. Among its objectives is to analyze different strategies that can make possible the consolidation of multifunctional centers that can serve as development hubs in Maracaibo –the second biggest and most important city in the country– as a way for its own sustainability.
In order to analyze and interpret these urban events, we have used primary documentation sources – such as bibliographic and periodical – planimetric, photographic as well as direct observation through personal living.
Maracaibo, Santa Lucia, urban cultural patrimony, unique urban piece, multhifunctional centers
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