- Inter-Mobility as a Role for urban (Re)Development of Belgrade public Space Areas    click here to open paper content1108 kb
by    Savcic, Vladimir | savchov@eunet.yu   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper analyses actual and future projects in zones of inter-modal terminals in the case of Belgrade – contemporary traffic system pivots, organisation, mechanisms and managing as a role for actual urban and architectural (re)development.
Traffic diversity with natural and strategic possibilities on one side, and vibrant – chaotic infrastructural system on the other, are one of the main and most dominant identity issues of the Metropolitan area city of Belgrade. Extensible and discontinued system now in the phase of inters- modal implementation with deep influence on surrounding and with strong marks on contemporary city structure.
Inter-modal terminals as strategic pivots for urban regeneration of Belgrade traffic network system make a base for actual and future urban and architectural projects in field of public space design and urban planning on city scale level.
Dislocation and redefinition of hard traffic vectors with new system of inter – structure mobility create free high capacity landmarks points appropriated for future urban interventions.
This newborn points in central and periphery urban structure play an important role in recharging and redefining of urban network –this spots will determinate a redefined concept of Belgrade contemporary public space structure.
For focal and quality solutions in this concept as a dominant in urban planning and architectural - urban public space design it is necessary to adapt appropriated mechanisms from municipally to local areas institutions( urban politics with strong and sustainable vision).
Inter- modal zones and its networking on metropolitan scale level through actual and future financial and urban development make a polygon for new public space strategy and re-urbanization based on duality of moving – contemporary managing and ecological- financial sustainability concepts.
Inter-modality, public space, mobility, managing, infrastructure, sustainability
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