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Short Outline
There are ways in which metropolitan management can be achieved in the absence of legislative provisions. Vision, ownership of land, an idea which is financially feasible and stakeholder participation are key ingredients which can guarantee success.
The Trincity Millennium Vision, an urban town development, comprising 1000 acres, though operating for ten years can be deemed a success. It has captivated national and international attention and has developed a dynamic urban area with full infrastructure and an enormous potential for growth. Five million square feet of floor space remain to be developed; it is hoped within the next fifteen years. During this period, building upon its success, the pace of development and government involvement are anticipated to increase.

This development stands as a testimony that urban sprawl can be contained in less than ideal circumstances. Trinidad and Tobago, a twin-island Republic, and former British colony is located in the Caribbean. Its planning system is archaic and riddled with administrative and institutional deficiencies.

The government of the country devised a national urban development strategy of dispersed concentration, to combat urbanization which was never put into practice due to a lack of political will.

The Millennium Vision, as an extension of the governmentfs failed national urban strategy offers the resident a lifestyle of convenience and high quality with easy access within walking distance of all basic essentials for living, employment, recreation and health among others. The town centre includes a business district, trade, golf course residential community, education, office park, institutional or civic and active recreation.

This strategy was executed by the implementation of physical and social infrastructure which was made possible by bank financing and tripartite ventures. The governmentfs idea, based on the success of this young development did not reflect utopian thinking, but if implemented, could have been effective, based on the success of the HCL Groupfs Millennium Vision.

Trincity Millennium, urban town development
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