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Short Outline
Networks is a proposal to unravel the studying of problematics that happen in the coastal environments of the so called 'paradise'.
The ''paradise'' is being degraded by very diverse factors that come together in a speculative ravenous zeal on the part of investors and political power and a total disinterest for the territorial, geopolitical or cultural aspects. We want to strongly criticise the” exploitation'' (in all senses) of the Riviera Maya and the rest of the coastal paradises of the World and to show the problems that this generates: loss of the cultural identity, un-localization of the population, alienation of the tourism, un-existence of cultural exchange among visitors and natives, degradation of the natural environments, artificial constrain of the landscape, un-existence of economic positive repercussion of the economic foreign investment in the country, eventual loss of economic power…
Definitively we want to reveal that we are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.
As the problem has may vertex, we propose that the solution should appear like superposed networks that cover the whole spectrum of the problem. It could be an exportable solution to other environments that are in similar circumstances. Our proposal is based on three fundamental points: recovery of the landscape, creation of an urban development specific regulation for these zones and respectful with the environment and not invasive projects to obtain the integration of the tourism.
The idea is to modify the profile of the visitor of the Riviera Maya, instead of an speculative tourist with no interest on the natural or cultural environment, to look for a traveler that seeks to imply emotionally with the place, to discover it. We try to integrate the inhabitant with the tourist to produce the cultural exchange, as well as to avoid the degeneracy and the loss of the autochthonous traditions that happens when those just turn into new methods of exploitation of the tourism.
To preserve this incredible natural environment has to be a GLOBAL aim of all. This responsibility cannot be left exclusively the local governments, but there must exist a social conscience much bigger than planetary level. We all are citizens of this world and we all must guard over its conservation.
tropical paradise network
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