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by    Iranmanesh, Nasim & Bigdeli, Elahe | niranmanesh@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Today, in spite of the fact that we have learned various design techniques, we realise that instead of fighting with the natural circumstances of nature, we should adapt to them. Our fathers took this concept into account in their designs which we call climatic design.
Today in spite the fact that human being earned various techniques and numerous inventions, he has realized that instead of defeating and fighting with natural circumstances of each region, he should be adapted with the situation of that place.
Actually our fathers regarded this concept in their traditional designs which now we call this “climatic design”.
Climatic design or adaptation of design with the climate of that region can be presented in different scales in architecture and urban design.
But the general rules of climatic design are equal in both architecture and urban design.
Wind, sunshine, and moisture are factors that we can use it in urban design and architecture to decrease the use of fossil fuel and the air pollution will come down.
Using favorite wind and moisture in hot and dry climate and using sunshine in cold climate are some ways that are inexpensive, health and without pollution which finally will result “low carbon” city; in the other word we can optimize using fuel.
Using favorite wind or creating natural ventilation during the warm seasons as well as protecting of city from cold winds by proper design causes the reduction of requirement for fossil fuel for heating and cooling and then its pollutions will become lower.
Actually the traditional design of Iran expresses this kind of design; we could notice four kinds of climatic design in quadruplet climates of Iran but unfortunately this matter wasn’t considered by contemporary design.
This paper is a summary about the climatic design in urban design and reviewing of the principles of traditional climatic design in Iran in quadruplet climates in Iran which includes: hot and dry climate, cold climate, humid and hot climate, mild and humid climate.
climatic design- optimization of using fuel- traditional architecture- contemporary architecture - air pollution
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