- The Restoration of the Area of Eleonas and its Contribution to the Upgrading of the Environment of Attiki   click here to open paper content37 kb
by    Patargias, Panagiotis & Poulodis, Alexandros | patarias@otenet.gr   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
As technical advisor of the Mayor of Athens and Architect Engineer respectively we are dealing which restoration of the entire are of Eleonas.
Eleonas lies among the South estuary of Kifissos river, Pireos street and Athens Avenue. Its total area covers 9000.000m2, includes sections of the Municipalities of Athens, Egaleo, Peristeri, Tavros and Redi. Itís geographical position, the neighbouring with the centers of Athens and Pireus, the easy reach from large transport nets as the National Highway, the Athens highway, Pireus Av. Petrou Ralli Av. and Iera Odos transform the area into the center of Attiki.
Even though the Eleonas area appears to be seriously downgraded, it remains an important Industrial area in Attiki. Industries and factories cover the 40% of the total area. Cultivations, sports facilities ``empty`` land transport agencies, bus stations, military basis, the Fruit Market, Public organization, residences and Educational centers cover the rest of the space.
The development of residence is not aided by the heavy traffic of the streets of the Surrounding area, air pollution, the unfunctioning interior transport net and the lack of the social sub-structure. In 1985, with the law 1515/85, the intervention scheme in the area is completed as well as the Regulative Attiki Scheme including all predicted uses of the area. Finally, in 1995, the urban-planning restoration of the area is approved with following priorities:
∑ Protection and encouragement of productive activities which are ``healthy`` and operate legally. The acceptance of their presence modernizing and provision of the necessary sub-structure which will help their further development.
∑ The improvement of environmental parameters and the creation of public green spaces. Minimizing sources of pollution, Elevation of archaeological spaces of the area. Improving housing and work condition with the aim of upgrading the quality of life in Western Suburbs of Athens.
Unfortunately, the initiation of solution within a legislative frame has not been materialized. The main reason of this delay is the lack of the relevant Authority for the management of the area of Eleonas. It is thus absolutely necessary to appoint the Authority which will undertake the responsibility of the restoration and reshaping of the area.
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