- New state incentives for local planning towards low carbon cities in Norway    click here to open paper content79 kb
by    Jensen, Rolf H. | rolfh.jensen@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Municipalities in Norway have strong power in the land use planning and obtaining low carbon solutions have proven to be difficult. Therefore the state now has started to give incentives for improved municipal actions.
The Norwegian Planning and Building Act devotes strong planning authority to the local level, the municipalities. The regional level is almost absent in land use planning, but has transportation responsibilities. Traditionally the state limits itself to sectorial actions.

In the Norwegian municipalities it has been difficult to obtain enough support for changes that will bring about low carbon solutions. The rather “affluent” lifestyle prevails.

A few years back a process of negotiations towards agreements was encouraged from the state. Municipalities were expected to join forces in “smart growth” local land use planning and thereby gain priority in state transportation investments. This effort failed, however.

A new state approach is emerging where “rewards” or “incentives” are given to municipal governments that enact policies, plans and projects which promote low carbon solutions.

The first “rewards” have this year been granted to some cities for their efforts to limit car uses and enhance public transport and the use of bicycles. This is, however, a very modest start and more wide ranging approaches are necessary.
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