- Making tremendous efforts to promote the development of wind power generation centering on low-carbon cities    click here to open paper content53 kb
by    Pan, Hongbo & Zhu, Jinghai & Liu, Heyun | wenwen_7708@163.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
In respect of environment, reducing the emission of CO2 is the major contribution of wind power generation. In slowing down global warming, the generation of wind power is one of the effective measures for utilizing wind energy.
More and more people in the world get acquainted with the adverse effect of global warming caused by the massive emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 on the human society. Kyoto Protocol requires the industrially developed countries to cut down the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 on a large scale, so every country must take measures simultaneously to slow down and affect this change. Wind energy, as a kind of green energy almost free from pollution, has the advantage of needless of fuels, no occupation of farmland, pollution free, especially for the decrease in emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and slow down global warming, wind power generation is one of effective measures to utilize wind energy. Many countries in the world, especially developed countries, have got a full knowledge of the importance of adjusting energy mix and mitigating environmental pollution, paid more attention to the development of wind power generation, and listed it into state development plans as a new kind of alternative energy of the 21st century. With the fast development of economy and increase in energy consumption, China is playing a very important role in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, and wind power generation, as a kind of renewable source of energy, is being attracted more and more attention from China government. Relying on the advantage in respect of wind power resource, China is quickening its development in wind power generation industry, and blazes a new trail to sustainable development emphasizing on both energy conservation and reducing discharge. From now on, with the attention to new energy, the formulation of medium- and long-term plans, the publication of incentive policies, China¡¯s wind power generation will step into a new stage of large-scale development
Low-carbon city Wind power generation Wind power resource Environmental benefit
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