- Planning strategies in Vienna/Austria to raise the rate of bike traffic    click here to open paper content405 kb
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Short Outline
A sustainable city transport system needs to intensify the usage of bicycles for short and everyday routes. This includes new planning strategies and programs with the aim to raise the rate of bicycles within the existing transport system.
The Austrian capital – Vienna – has set itself the goal of reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide by 72000 tons until 2010 within the program of being a liveable city and generally to follow the objectives for sustainable development adopted through the Agenda 21.

Therefore measures are taken. For example the different districts, in cooperation with the city planning administration and with the participation of the citizens, get plans showing the most important steps to create green space and infrastructure for pedestrians and bicycles.
Also a general project plan for transportation in Vienna was decided in 2003 and adapted in 2008. It presents a modern urban concept for transport over the next 20 years. The core objective is the reduction of the motorised individual transport from 35 to 25 percent until 2020 for the benefit of public traffic transport, bicycles and pedestrians. The rate of transportation by bicycle shall be doubled to eight percent until 2010. Therefore until 2008 30 million Euros have already been invested to foster the use of bicycles and to enlarge the bicycle-path-network up to 1100km.

But not only construction measures are of importance. Also through awareness rising of the people cycling is promoted. This can be done amongst others through events and expositions concerning the topic. By this, citizens get informed and are given an understanding of the advantages of going by bicycle through the city.
fahr_rad_in_wien is a current exposition held by the City of Vienna and is dedicated a 100% to the promotion of cycling in the city. So the aim of my paper is to show the circumstances and basic conditions in Vienna for the creation of this exposition, a general description of the main contents and actions in the course of it, results and feedback from the city and visitors.
sustainable transport, bicycle, awareness rising, measures, exposicion,
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