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by    Lei, Tang & Jianjun, Qiu | njtanglei@163.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Nanjing is the famous ancient city in China. The paper elaborates planning strategies in revision work of the ‘Master Plan of Nanjing(2007-2020?) and practices that lowered CO2 emissions. It will provide an excellent example for discussing Low Carbon Cities.
China's rapid economic growth, urbanization and demand for new power, making it the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. This article begins with the analysis of serious situation of China's carbon emissions, and prospects for China's future energy, climate and its development trend.Then, put the view to the famous ancient city in China, capital of Jiangsu province: Nanjing, which has 2470 years history, 6582km?land and 7.4 million inhabitants. It has numerous historical heritage and Hill, Water, City, Forest merged harmony. It’s also the central city in economic developed ‘Yangtze river delta?and has large energy and resources consumption. Realizing goal of ‘regional modern service center, advanced manufacturing base, national important innovation base, national comprehensive transport hub and world’s historical and cultural city? how to reduce CO2 emissions is the primary problem. In the revision work of ‘Master Plan of Nanjing(2007-2020)? we analyzed the challenge and opportunity Nanjing faced in low carbon transition, evaluated its urban sustainable development capability and proposed planning strategies under the theme of ‘Green Planning of Low Carbon City? Such as, Increasing industrial structure adjustment, Establishing a whole energy system with low carbon oriented, Strengthening transportation and land development interaction, Developing efficient metro system, Regenerating old centres, Optimizing perfect infrastructure, Promoting new materials and new technology, etc. Moreover, Establishing effective use of economic policy system, including e ecological compensation, Green credit, green securities, etc. This is a successful attempt in Low Carbon Cities. Finally, the paper summarizes the practices which lowed the CO2 emissions. Nanjing is a typical example of an old and dense Asian city, its low carbon planning strategies and practice will provide an excellent and stimulating material for discuss.
Ancient city, low carbon city, planning strategy, green planning
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