- The 6th World Youth Day in Jasna Gora Sanctuary in Czestochowa as an Example of “Big Bang” Event    click here to open paper content23 kb
by    Cichoblazinski , Leszek & Wrona, Tadeusz | lech@zim.pcz.czest.pl   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Presented paper describes event which took place in Czestochowa at 1991 when 1,5 million pilgrims visited city with population 260 000 people.
This event which will be described in the presented paper took place in Czestochowa (Poland) in 1991. During short period 2 days the city size almost ¼ million people was visited by around 1,5 million pilgrims. It should be stressed that it was the 2nd year for new local authorities elected in democratic elections after almost ½ century of totalitarian power.
Pope John Paul the 2nd decided to organise The 6th World Youth Day in Czestochowa because this city has very convenient localisation for young people from West and East as well. It was important to give opportunity for youth from Soviet Union to visit free country like Poland and to take part in religious ceremony.
It should be stressed that Czestochowa was visited by population which was 6 time bigger than population of the city is. Additional difficulty was very short period of that event – only 2 days. It was very difficult task particularly from the logistic point of view (accommodation, living, transportation, health care and so on). What is important infrastructure of that city was underdeveloped after 45 years or communism. Whole country was strongly underdeveloped (and not only Poland) comparatively to western countries. Particularly Czestochowa as famous pilgrims centre was treated by communist authorities as a city which should not have well developed infrastructure. Good examples was telecommunication as a very important part of infrastructure for newcomers from all over the world. Especially for that event Czestochowa received new digital telephonic central which allowed direct connection with abroad. Czestochowa has got also as a first city in Poland new street telephones on magnetic cards. It was revolution in telecommunication which was caused by that event. All inhabitants of city benefited by development of telecommunication infrastructure. It is one but very significant example how such “Big Bang” event could support city development and affect the every-day life. But such influence of “Big Bang” Event on every day life could exist easier in post-communist country (which was in fact developing country) than in western country.
The 6th World Youth Day had also economic effects. The most important example is development of small business. At that time arised many small firms and many of them survived developed later. It was good opportunity to start for enterprenuership this region particularly in services what was very important at that time because in central planned economy overdeveloped was production sector.
The 6th World Youth Day had also other important effects – social mobilisation. It was first such big event in democratic system when must collaborate many different social and political subjects: local authorities, district authorities, central authorities, Church authorities, army authorities, Non Government Organisations (one of then bought new reanimation ambulans, first made in Western Europe), education authorities (schools were temporary converted to hotels), local newspapers, radios and TV. It was very good training at beginning of the new democratic system at the local level after long totalitarian period.
It is difficult to indicate which sectors of society actually pay costs of that event. Much easier is to indicate sectors of society which enjoy benefits f that event. The first one is small business (so called middle class), other are all inhabitants of Czestochwa city and its funtional region.
It should be add that similar “Big Bang” events but in the small scale takes place in Czestochwa every year on August. At that time come to Jasna Gora Monastery many pilgrims from whole Poland and from other countries to celebrate the Black Madonna Festivity.
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