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Short Outline
The paper will deal with:
Comprehensive protection of urban environment & nature; Provision of safety; Carrying out the emergency services efficiently; Prevention of natural disasters; Constitution & implementation of required plans.
Ýzmir Development Master Plan of 1/25.000 scale has been approved by the City Council recently.
The tendency of the plan would be:
Handling the identified processes in a wider context and within the boundaries and its hinterland determined by the New Act for the Municipality, by an integrated approach.
Improving – Directing – Controlling the spatial development in the planning area and its hinterland by planned interventions.
Multidisciplinary approach with the participation of academicians, governmental and non–governmental organizations and also public, have been aimed to be achieved to build a social confidence & consensus on the planning decisions.
Tried to emphasize that the city is owned by the citizens and every step in the decision making process should be shared by the owners of the city.
Threshold Analyses for every district has been carried out to determine the accuracy and applicability of the existing development plans.
The planning decisions raised to collapsed areas as transformation projects or to decrease spatial densities as a result of a fault line or an agricultural potential or else.
Detailed investigation on the land prevented the Master Plan to be a study of just a collage of plans(approved before the New Act);vice verse leading to a more impressive, implementable and sustainable planning concept.
Ýzmir Development Plan creates a great opportunity for sustainable urbanization to the Municipality.
UN Millenium Development Goal 7:Ensure environmental sustainability is the key point in the determination of environmental objects which are:

Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes; reverse loss of environmental resources
Reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, by 2010, a significant reduction in the rate of loss
Reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation
Achieve significant improvement in lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers, by 2020; and for Ýzmir :

Prevention of pollution of water resources
Creating potential resources for water supply.
Protection of water supply catchment areas by supporting organic agriculture.
Construction of domestic and biological treatment plans.
To increase the quality of urban life;which are
Liveable spatial sites for housing
Urban transformation projects for collapsed areas
Re-building the new CBD and the Fair
Public transportation within all modes

sustainability, management, environment, development
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