- The Role of CDSs in Sustainable Development in Developing Countries    click here to open paper content101 kb
by    Rasooli, Mostafa & Badarulzaman, Nurwati & Jafaar, Mastura | rasooli1352@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Do the CDSs have been successful to achieve sustainability?
Today, one of the important concerns of cities in the world’s competitive
conditions is advancing through the sustainable development, based on the
relative and competitive advantages, in order to be able to provide safe,
comfortable, and desirable conditions for the citizens, and to provide a
base for competition among the cities. In order for this objective to be
achieved, cities all over the world have engaged into defining the Vision
and designing its required strategies in various forms. Providing the City Development Strategies (CDS) or other related definitions, Strategic
Planning, and establishing the structures of strategic management are all
the various forms of approaching to the mentioned objective, especially in developing countries. Accordingly, many theorists and researchers in the field of Management and Urban Planning have gone through the explaining of the theoretical bases, forms of the accomplishment, and the strengths and weaknesses. However, study of using these approaches in different cities would lead us to know that each city has different proportion of success to achieve the sustainability. this article explore the role and the proportion of success of CDSs to achieve the sustainability in developing counties. Some of CDSs funding by Cities Alliance will survey in this article.

Keywords: CDS, sustainable development, developing countries, Cities
CDS, sustainable development, developing countries, Cities Alliance
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