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Short Outline
This article is based on the test of 'low-carbon planning' in China. It first analyzes the theory of low-carbon city, then it takes the low-carbon city concept as goal-oriented. At last it proposes different planning ideas from four different spatial scales.
As the global population and economic scale growing fast, the international community were challenged seriously by the greenhouse effect. In order to achieve the balancing of economic development and environmental protection, the ''low-carbon economy'' have become hot spots of international concern, which based low power consumption and low pollution-based.

In China, the macro background and national strategy have been adjusted. The viewes of ''scientific development'' and ''build an ecological civilization'' were the most important voice .
The low-carbon idea is beginning to be received widely in China. Currently, There Were more than 20 cities have already started to study and plan a low-carbon eco-city space or satellite in China. In face the research of low-carbon urban planning is still a stage of experimentation and exploration.
This paper will analyze China's low-carb urban planning status and shapes of the theory. It will analysis ''low-carbon urban planning'' of scientific concepts. And it will further establish the goal-oriention of low-carbon urban planning . At last, it will propose some development strategies of the urban space planning, which thinking about four diffirent spatial scales ,such as regiones, cities, communities, and architecture sites.

The practices and theories of low-carbon urban planning in China to be summarized is very valuable. It is not only a promotion and innovation of China's urban planning theories and planning method. And It also provide a wealthy experience and technical supports for the other developing coutries in the world.
low carbon city, spaces, planning
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