- Understanding and Formulating Gated Communities in Greater Cairo New Towns Urban Fabric    click here to open paper content525 kb
by    Ghonimi, Islam & Alzamly, Hassan & Mohamed, Khairy &, Soliman, Mohamed | islam.ghonimi@feng.bu.edu.eg   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Gated communities could be considered as one of this strong concepts that has the ability to make deeper changes in contemporary built environments of Egyptian city. We need a methodology to understand and orient this phenomena.
Over the past few decades, a contemporary trend in urban form reflected the growing emerge of different types of gated communities. In a previous published paper we concluded that gated communities are not a holistic approach for urban development. From this point and As a planners, we should deal with this phenomena, Discover and measure its impact on micro, macro, micro-macro relation of urban form, discover its potentialities and constraints, and Define its role in urban development. We should find the suitable planning response to deal with this phenomenon. Which could direct this phenomenon to create a better micro and macro sustainable urban form in the city.
This paper aim to continue understanding gated communities inside urban fabric. therefore, it question the role that Gated communities physical characteristics, and hence development control tools, can make to formulate the most efficient strategies for using gated communities inside new towns urban fabric, taken in mind the measurement of its impact on micro, macro, total development. In fact many will be impatient with question such as: does the big size have the same impact like the minimum size? How big should gated communities be? Where they should locate? And how they should relate to the city? What efficient characteristics should gated communities have? What is the efficient characteristics, that has effect on development, is a problematic echo, how to put a development control tools that can control and help us understand and direct these physical features for both micro, macro and total urban development. A significant lack of research on this point exists, so this research intends to contribute to fill this gap.
Gated Communities - Micro, Macro Urban Form - Micro, Macro Impact - Measuring urban form - CMA Cairo Metropolitan Area.
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