- Practical Consideration upon China`s Low Carbon-oriented Urban Planning DDA case study of Wuhan City    click here to open paper content158 kb
by    Hu, Yidong & Wentong, Zhang | huyidong@vip.sina.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The author takes Wuhan as an example and gives some observations on the significance with respect to thinking and exercising ''low carbon'' planning in practice.
In the context of rapid urbanization, climate change has become an issue that cannot be avoided in the field of urban development in China. It became the latest issue in Chinese Planning system. On this issue, there are many common senses, however, no complete solution has been achieved. Therefore, when people present and discuss with low carbon-oriented urban planning mode, especially when they think of the significance and effection during urban and rural development in contemporary China, more timely and deeply concerned about the issue should be given. The new Wuhan Master Plan (2009-2020) has won the 2009 ISOCARP Excellent Award with the topic of low carbon city. Besides, Wuhan city clusters are designated as the reform testing areas of national resources-saving and environment-friendly area, many new ways are promoted to adapt climate change. Author intends to regard Wuhan as a sample and gives some observations on the significance with thinking and doing ''low carbon'' planning in practice.
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