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Short Outline
The City of Niš in Serbia has an active strategic development and urban planning processes which are complementary. They can be evaluated through their objectives and monitoring modalities, or by comparing them to urban
development documents in other areas.
Niš is the regional center of south-eastern Serbia and an important
infrastructure node in South-eastern Europe. Since Serbia has been a
country with a very turbulent period for twenty years already, development
challenges for the city of Niš are multiple. Two important documents (one
planning and one strategic) contribute considerably to the urban
development process in Niš. Those two documents are the Spatial Plan for
the City of Niš and the Development Strategy of the City of Niš. Other
urban planning documents that should be mentioned are plans for specific
areas (infrastructure corridors and nature protection), general urban plan
and urban regulation plans for parts of agglomeration. Lots of strategic
documents have been elaborated recently for the city of Niš treating
different sectors of development – for diverse economic topics, employment,
housing, rural areas surrounding the city, environmental action plan etc.
The quantity of planning and strategic documents can be observed as an
advantage only if planning proposals and projects are realizable and if
their implementation is effective.
Effectiveness of both planning and strategic documents can be estimated in
several ways. One way is the analysis of specific chapters present both in
strategies and plans, like objectives formulated during the elaboration and
modalities proposed to monitor their implementation. The choice of
objectives and tools for monitoring can contribute to the quality of urban
development process. Another way is by comparing the same or similar
approaches in other areas what is the aim of various forms of urban,
interregional and international cooperation (twinning, Eurobalkans,
observatories). Exchange of experiences is in favor of better coordination
and possible improvement of development activities. Both ways can
contribute to evaluate the elements of sustainability in urban development
of Niš as a result of parallel elaboration and implementation of strategic
and planning documents.
spatial planning, strategic planning, urban development, Serbia, city of Niš
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