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Short Outline
The paper describes a new eco-efficient, carbon neutral urban settlement with attention to community building & services. Next it shows the implementation of this urban unit in Africa and describes its implementation and choices to be made.
The climate is undergoing changes we are only just beginning to understand and comprehend. There is more and more proof we are on the verge of a big change in climate on a global scale. This leads to an increased call for carbon neutrality. Next to the changes in climate we slowly but surely start to acknowledge that the worlds resources are not infinite in their.
The knowledge the world’s resources are definitely not infinite, adds to
the call for a more eco-efficient urban society.

Climate change is a major threat to sustainable growth and development in
Africa. Although Africa is the continent least responsible for climate
change, it is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The
effects of climate change threaten the development of the continent both
economically as socially. In order to deal with the imminent problems
caused by climate change and to reduce carbon emissions as part of the
world effort there is a call for more carbon neutral and sustainable urban

The population on the African continent will continue to grow and the
predictions are that by 2050, about 1.766 million people will be living in
Africa. All those people will be aiming to achieve more material and
immaterial wealth and cities will be growing because of increased
urbanisation. This will increase demand for resources immensely combined
with the that the continent is a big exporter of resources to other
countries. This trend will increase the ecological footprint of the average
inhabitant of Africa immensely and adds to the call for a more eco-
efficient society and urban environment with extra attention on social

The paper will first introduce a fictional design of a new urban settlement
solely based on the principles of eco-efficiency and carbon neutrality. The
future urban settlement will, next to using “green” energy, utilise the
landscape, local environment and climate and pay special attention to
available services, infrastructure and networks and community development,
in order to achieve its main goal: being a fully sustainable city for the
future, both ecologically and socially. Next the paper will show the
implementation of this fictional new urban unit in a region of Africa
(Kenya) and describe and show how it could be implemented and which choices
are to be made.
Eco-efficient and carbon neutral sustainable urban design, the future urban settlement, the future urban settlement applied to a region in Africa (Kenya), community building.
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