- Land Use Management as Key Part of Metropolitan Governance and for Sustainable Urbanisation    click here to open paper content247 kb
by    Engelke, Dirk & Biehl, E. Dorothea | engelke@kit.edu   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Case studies of different cties and city regions to develop an effective and tailored metropolitan governance policy for a sustainable urbanisation process based on sustainable land use policy will be discussed.
Land use management is a key tool of metropolitan governance for a sustainable urbanization process. By that not only the allocation and the different functions of an urban area are controlled. Also access and the usability for different kind of inhabitants is controlled by land use policy. - Which part of the city is owned, designed and acquired for which kind of inhabitants?

The case study analysis different approaches of land use policies and land use management systems in developed countries and in countries in transition. By the help of an in-depth analysis by practical experience and involvement of the author in the formulation and implementation of these case studies a model for sustainable land use management is shown. It is shown how this model of land use management model is part of an integrated metropolitan governance strategy. At last it will be discussed if and how such a model can be useful for developing countries as well.
metropolitan governance , land use, sustainable development
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