- Community Participation and Urban Development: Evaluation of community participation practice in the Sudanese capital region   click here to open paper content450 kb
by    Bahreldin, Ibrahim & Ariga, Takashi | ibrahimza@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Non-participatory planning results on more public dependency on government.

Citizensí initiated projects have better chances for immediate implementation than those initiated by government.

Planning bylaws should respond to socio-cultural values.
The purpose of this paper is to assess the process of community participation in the Sudanese capital region and to determine to what extend the concept of community participation has been used or abused in legislative planning by identifying factors that affects both the quality and the quantity of the community participation practice, this includes the study of; purpose of community participation, stakeholders involved in the process, tools and techniques used in different planning projects and in which stage they have been used.

The paper covers how community participation is been addressed in the legislative planning (planning acts and bylaws) then proceeds to study/analyze and compare the community participation process in three selected case studies based on regional/geographical locations, socio-economical homogeneity and nature of planning projects conducted there.

This paper is more an exploratory rather than a critical analysis; yet, it is based on both primary resources (Field-work, Interviews, questionnaires) and extensive literature review regarding Community participation in the Sudanese planning system.
Community Participation; legislative planning; Participation techniques; Nafeer
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