- Reforming and Restructuring the Planning and Building Laws and Regulations in Kenya for Sustainable Development    click here to open paper content86 kb
by    Kimani, Mary & Musungu, Titus | mkimani65@uonbi.ac.ke   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper reviews the various policies and legal instruments and the institutional framework within which planning and building has operated with a view to propose reforms that are necessary for the planning and building sector to operate sustainably.
The building and construction industry in Kenya is regulated primarily by the Building Code and other physical planning regulations. The current Building Code dates back to
1967. This building code has been found to be inadequate and lacks effective control and enforcement mechanisms. These inefficient legal framework and enforcement mechanisms have resulted in existence of sub-standard buildings. The Code is material based as opposed to performance based. This has seriously affected the delivery of decent and affordable housing to the Kenyan citizenry living both in the urban and rural areas.
The legal regime affecting planning and building is challenging. There are multiplicity of legal statutes that guide planning and building in Kenya
Planning and Building laws
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