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Short Outline
Suqian, a Millennium Ancient City by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Riverside in China, is meeting the challenge of ¡®Liveable Cities transformation. We proposed the ®FLOWING concept to protect the ecological environment and to enhance the evacuation capacity.
Suqian, A Millennium ancient city in China, which has ''Two Rivers Two Lakes'' unique Spatial Characteristics is Great Xichu Conqueror's hometown, Chuhan culture's birthplace, Layers of ancient cities buried here. Yellow River (the National Mother River 5,464km) and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (the National Wisdom River 1794km, declaring the World Cultural Heritage) run through it. It's meeting the challenge of leapfrog development and '®Livable Cities'transformation: Two river ecological environment's wane, authenticity and integrity's destruction; urban vitality's deterioration; infrastructure's overload; Furthermore, located at Chinese tanlu fault zone, Earthquake Disaster, etc.
In the Regulatory Detailed Planning of Suqian ancient city, we proposed '®FLOWING' concept.®A rolling stone gathers no moss, moving things are most viable and prosperous. '®FLOWING' including Flowing of ecological resources; Flowing of historical and cultural resources; Flowing of public service resources; Flowing of urban shelters; etc. ''FLOWING'' integrated types of urban resources, used land intensively, protected ecological environment and enhanced evacuation capacity.
Planning strategies are: (1) Stream Communication, enhancing two rivers¡¯ vitality; (2) Layout Optimization, creating compact efficient space; (3) Bus Guide, determining reasonable development intensity; (4) Ecological Regression, ensuring low-carbon sustainable development; (5) Service Equity, strengthening public resources sharing; (6) Security First, Implementing affordable housing; (7) Lifeline Maintenance, building refuge system; (8) Reasonable Expansion, upgrading infrastructure facilities; (9) Fine Management, innovating planning and management system.
In the Renaissance of Suqian ancient city, ''FLOWING'' made the ancient city more dynamic! We achieved the harmony of rapid urban development and ancient city protection; cultural heritage protection and ecological environment revival; concentration of population and security of land capacity. Through '®FLOWING', we highlighted ecological value, multiplied Economic value and upgraded Social value. It's an positive exploration and practice for protection and utilization of Ancient cities in transformation process of '®Livable Cities'.
Flowing Urban Renewal Livable Cities Millennium Ancient City Low-carbon Eco Sustainable Cultural Heritage Protection Earthquake Disaster Mitigation
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