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Short Outline
Trondheim is developing a CO2 neutral housing settlement at Broeset. This paper studies the relationship between urban form and transportation needs, the affect on the choice of mode of transport and the associated environmental impact.
The Municipality of Trondheim together with The Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) and SINTEF have established a research project on carbon neutral housing settlements (The Broeset project). This project is exploring how urban forms can contribute to a more carbon neutral housing settlement through reduction of car traffic, favouring public transport, cycling and walking. Land use and urban form will to a large extent determine the conditions for an environmentally friendly transport and the reduction of emission of green house gasses. Localization of businesses, density and urban structure and establishing and developing transport nodes, will largely determine the conditions for a more environmentally friendly transport.
On the other hand will a coordinated land use and transportation planning involve a number of conflicts and is not without controversy. Studies tell us that in dense built central areas people are disposed to walk and use cycle to a higher extent than in suburban areas. But densification will also affect on the segregation of the population in the city which affects transport needs and choice of transport modes. Mostly young and elderly people are living in central parts while families with children are moving out from city centres to suburban areas. This pattern influences transport choices. We aim at examining these patterns in order to understand implications for planning. This is done by studying how urban form and land use are influencing the distribution of households, their choice of mode of transport, and the associated environmental impact in the case of Broeset in Trondheim (Norway).
Sustainability, urban development, carbon neutral settlement
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