- The Action Planning of Regional Greenspaces in the Pearl River Delta    click here to open paper content927 kb
by    Wang, Guon & Zhu, Jiang & Yu, Yang | wwggee65@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Guangdong government creates laws to identify regional greenspaces. The paper analyses the 2-level action planning system of greenspace, elaborates rules on the protection and use of greenspaces, regional greenway construction elements and regulations.
Pearl River Delta where the most of populations and cities centralized is meeting the challenge of rapid urbanization and depreciated eco-environment. To protect ecology safety in Pearl River Delta and control city sprawls, Guangdong province government creates laws to identify ecological zones in the delta, and establishes regulations for permanent strict protection and limited development. This is the first example of legislation of regional greenspaces in China. The regional greenspaces include basic ecological control areas and regional greenways. The paper analyses 2-level planning system of greenspace in province and city (county), elaborates rules on the protection and rational use of greenspaces. According different location, the greenways is classified three types, eco-type, suburb-type and urban-type, the paper analysis different functions of three types, describes regional greenway elements of development, introduces briefly the construction regulations of greenways about greenbelt, public transport connection, pedestrian and bicycle system, service facilities system, visual identify the system.
Pearl River Delta, regional greenspace, regional greenway
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