- The evaluation of the development of urban and regional potentials of İzmir Metropolitan Area with regards to the expected changes in the information technology.   click here to open paper content174 kb
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Short Outline
“Honey, I shrunk the space” – Plannig in the information age.
37th International Isocarp Congress – 16 – 20 September 2001
Utrecht - Netherlands.

AN ABSTRACT for the proposal of a paper in the parallel session 2 :
By. Assist Prof. Dr. M. Yıldırım Oral from Turkey . ( ND – e. tu )
( Add: Kazım Dirik Cad. Gayret İşhanı. 4 /306 Pasaport – İzmir / Turkey )

Content related to the pre-given questions;

 My contibution in relation with the congress theme is going to be the evaluation of the development of urban and regional potentials of İzmir Metropoliten Area, with regards to the expected changes in the information technology in a perspective initiated through the last fifty years towards the mids of 21st century.
 That means, how the existing nodes at the region will be subject to a change by the effects of structural evolutions and transformations under the influence emerging as a result of various network systems. The region is in the western part of Turkey on the way down to the southeastern European Ecumenapolis. There fore the region can be expected to be highly effected by this ecumenapolistic formation, besides her inherit environmental, socio-cultural and economic involvements.
 I would like to present the content of my contribution by looking at the historical events and planning background in the region.It will also be needed to have a general overview on the distribution and the structure of the existing nodes in the area by looking at their capabilities to adapt the new situations as far as the new technologies concerned. There ‘ll be a search on the methodoligies related to such adaptation processes. These attempts will also necessiate to examine the existing urban and regional land use, economic and social systems according to the data availabilty.The question of the regional and metropolitan income and balance sheet will inable or not to cover the cost of development and adaption proccesses related to faster mobility, unlimited frequencies for communications and growing need for more developed information technologies, and in these words how the scarcity will affect the definition of priorities are also going to be investigated. There will be some slides showing the existing nodes and networks and trying to describe the mal-organized spatial structure, and some drawings and schemes for the future trying to optimize the opportunity for a rational change as a result of expected spatial affects of the nodes that has to be removed and relocated due to the growing needs, volumes and tecnological alterations.
 I’m involved into the proposed subject as being a former member, deputy head and chief planner of İzmir Metropolitan Planning Bureau, of the central government. And now a member of the academic staff in a local planning school at the Dokuz Eylül University, also involving several research studies in the same area.
 I’ld like to propose this abstract for the second session; “Dynamic Networks and Floating Nodes”.

Planning needs capabilities to estimate in time and to control in space. Planners face with difficulties arising due to new technologies, differing from country to another according to socio-economic heritages. Paper will help looking at the main topic in a historical perspective from that point of view.
metropolitan planning, controlling , development potantials
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