- The Low Carbon and Recycling Theory of “Cradle To Cradle” Applied in Community Planning in Germany and its Inspiration to China    click here to open paper content241 kb
by    Xiaojuan, Zhou | zxj@supdri.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The ''Cradle to Cradle'' theory is the conduct code of many European Countries. This paper introduces the concept of the German low-carbon community, its building strategies and development trends. Then it puts forward proposals to community planning in China.
“Cradle to Cradle” theory is the conduct code of Germany and many European Countries.Its development principles include: renewable energy; socio-economic system of double cycle (biological cycle and technical cycle); respecting diversity; life cycle assessment and management. Communities are the basic places and space of practicing the low carbon and cycling theory.

This paper introduces the concept of the German low-carbon and recycling community and its building strategies which are based on the instances of Vauban District in Freiburg and Kronsberg Community in Hanover. There are six fields assessment standards of “Cradle to Cradle”:ecological quality, economical quality, social quality, technical quality, quality of the process and quality of the location.

The development trends of low-carbon community are: Emphasize compact development and save resources; emphasize low consumption, using green energy; emphasize low emission and reduces environmental pollution; emphasize reuse, realizing ecological cycle maximization; emphasize public participation, promoting community interaction.

Then it puts forward some proposals, which are useful to the planning and construction of low-carbon community in China. Points from the planning level: land layout and space form; low carbon energy plan; green traffic system; community green space planning; water environment planning; green architecture design.

Points from the management level: fit into the regulatory plan, ensuring community construction; Establish urban design guideline of low carbon community. Points from the implementation mechanism level: the process management based on ''total life cycle''; public participation of Community organization level.
Cradle to Cradle;low-carbon and recycling community; biological cycle; technical cycle; total life cycle; public participation
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