- Emerging Development and Cooperation in the Land Use Planning along Yellow River under New Regionalism    click here to open paper content663 kb
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Short Outline
The following will be presented:
1. Background information
2. Features of development and land use planning
3. Evaluation towards collaboration and influences.
Bearing some resemblance to North America in the early 1990s, China is currently issuing plenty of regional development strategies those aim to coordinate development of various cities in regional context. This trend has trigged intense interaction between adjacent cities and has been accelerated by establishment of intra- and inter-regional mass transit infrastructure.
Under such circumstances, Jinan City, the capital of Shandong Province in China and its north county Qihe is drafting new land use planning simultaneously along their administrative border which is just served by the Yellow River. This paper seeks to examine the emerging development along the border area between the two, and identifies factors leading to the emergence and transformation in land use. Such transformation involves collaboration between governments in different administrative levels as well as responsive investment among stakeholders and developers. By collecting primary and secondary sources of data, and implementing field investigation, an outline picture is obtained and illustrated. Various stakeholders were interviewed and analysis of planning policies, procedure and evolving status was undertaken.
The result shows that both the two local governments realize the precious area along the river and initiate leisure activities development spontaneously instead of merely ecological preservation. The planning intention is focusing on the inspiration of market mechanism to make profits and boost up local economy in the name of ecology, which will improve interaction and lead to spatial integration. The paper acknowledges the function the market force provides in creating open space and recreational facilities for the public, whereas it advocates that there is still need of planning enforcement to formalize the development along the area.
Regional Cooperation, New Regionalism, Collaborative Planning, Yellow River
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