- Planning Delicate Yangzhou City by Constructing Liveable and Humanity Space    click here to open paper content776 kb
by    Zhu, Jie & Xu, Jufen | zhujieclark@126.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Yangzhou is an ancient city with a history of nealy 2500 years, the planning experience canbe learned by other similar cities, and by forging the livable space and delicate city, Yangzhou can be a turely sustainable and livable city.
Based on the characteristics of ancient Yangzhou city with a history of 2500 years, this paper points out constructing delicate Yangzhou is the basic need for city quality. First of all, by drawing lessons from international historical culture cities, the inner beauty of delicate Yangzhou was concluded as follows: the delicate Yangzhou is a compact city with smart growth policy and population-oriented scale, meanwhile it is a cultural city with long history and diverse local culture, it is also a beautiful waterfront city with livable space and delicate landscape. Afterwards, based on immediate plan for the next 5 years, this paper put forward several important projects including one representative street, one water front district, one tourist route focus on ancient city scenery and commercial pedestrian space and so on. At last, necessary policies and measures were proposed to security the planning of delicate Yangzhou city.
delicate city; quality; spatial form; waterfront space; public space;
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