- An Optimization approach for the Provision of Road Surfaces in Urban Areas    click here to open paper content31 kb
by    Oral, Yildirim | yildirim.oral@deu.edu.tr   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
In search of a methodology to design an optimum road network surface for the fluctuating road traffic demands in relation to the congress topic
Content related to the pre-given questions;

• I’m involved into the proposed subject being able to develope the content on a proffesional background with teoritical and practical experiences, both in urban transportation and traffic planning in terms of central and local planning authorities which is also followed up by an academic involvement afterwards, as a member of the academic staff in a local planning school in Ýzmir – Turkey.
• My contibution in relation with the congress theme is going to be the evaluation of some basic urban traffic planning approaches in the search for a general methodology assumed to be valuable both in terms of urban physical planning and management affairs, and all these will be tried to be layed upon empirical evidences.
• The content is expected to be interesting for participants in terms of following sub-titles. First; urban transportation networks in general are highly facing with the problem of coping with peaks in the demand cycle which appears in hourly, daily, mounthly and yearly basis. Secondly; especially in the third world countries due to the lack of efficient planning and management organisations besides high incremental urban population increase there exist a chaotic decision making process that is also influencing in turn, with of course negative effects, the decision making processes related to the urban road-based surface traffic. Thirdly; although local political and management actors are usely talking about the scarcity of monetary resources one can easily see by looking at the unused road capacities, how haphazardly the implementations are realized and how expenditures are wasted during the constructions of urban road networks.
• I would like to present the content of my contribution by looking at the local events, finding some evidences, and understanding the basic reasons behind the existing irregularities as they are related paying much on the road network but not getting enough benefit from it.
• I’ld like to propose this abstract for the second session; “Flexible and Adaptable Infrastructure in a ‘Pulsar’ Context “. But as the problem of urban traffic planning and management works can be placed in a special place other than the other infrastructural aspects of the urban management I’ll agree with rapporteurs if they will decide to put the paper into the fourth session termed as ‘marketplace’.
Transportation Networks
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