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Short Outline
This study discusses in depth how one can apply BREEAM Communities in Hubei, PRC. One main line is to develop the bespoke criteria in Hubei. Another main line is to introduce the system to the Zuoling project for designing a pilot sustainable community.
Background: BREEAM Communities, developed by BRE, UK, is a methodology for measuring the sustainability of urban areas. BREEAM Communities helps planners and developers to improve, measure and independently certify the sustainability of project proposals at the planning stage of the development process.

Methodology: The paper starts with an overview of urban development in Europe and China in the past and today. Next the present urban development policies and the economic model of project proposals in both parts of the world will be introduced. Based on this analysis, tools are now being developed for measuring and certifying the sustainability of built areas.
In the following, a comparison is being made between ¡°Breeam Communities¡±, ¡°Leed Neighborhood Development¡± and ¡°Chinese Green Building Label System¡± in both qualitative and quantitative way.
Thirdly, some certified ¡°Breeam Community¡± cases will be analyzed to help designing the bespoke ¡°Breeam Community¡± assessment system for Hubei.
As a next step bespoke criteria will be developed for the application of BREEAM Communities in the area of Hubei province.
Finally, as a case study the application of BREEAM Communities for the 28 km2 newly designed Zuoling area in the city of Wuhan will be investigated, which will satisfy the municipality¡¯s policy as the development of ¡°Two-Model society¡±.

Outcomes: This research could be supportive in making the design of the Zuoling project more sustainable. Further more, the bespoke BREEAM Community assessment system will provide an effective reference template to other similar sustainable development projects in Hubei province. To generalize the research, we will promote the ¡°Breeam Community¡± system by investigating its applicability in the PRC.
sustainable, feasible,generalizable
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