- Ecological Reflection on the Current Development of Mainland China’s Urban Waterfront: The Case of Wuhan    click here to open paper content484 kb
by    LI, Rong | li.r23@163.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Based on an ecological perspective, this paper takes Wuhan as the example and discusses the successes and problems of urban water¬front development in contemporary Mainland China, and gives proposals for improvement.
In the 21st century, urban waterfront construction is a hot issue of Mainland China's urban development. Wuhan, as a city in the middle of China and with rich water resources, has been actively promoting its waterfront development since the big flood in 1998, and provides a representative case for research. This paper briefly reviews the development of Wuhan¡¯s waterfront during the last 12 years, and concludes that its successes depend on the construction of demonstrative projects and the positive evolution of its core concept during three stages, from the security support for flood control to the building of recreational facilities and now to making a friendly environment. The paper also analyses its problems such as identity illegibility and form simplification. Then the paper suggests that Wuhan may improve the ecological development of its waterfront in the future from two aspects: One is the multi-system symbiotic layout planning and various activity design, based on Wuhan's hot climate feature in summer, and the other is the diversification of function combination and development patterns, for the balance of social ecology.
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