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by    Li, Xiaohui & He, Hao | lixiaohui@wpdi.cn   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Multiple reappearance: to deal with urban traditional culture
Collage matching: to realize historical renewal of the area
Virtual module: to guide regeneration of urban function
The Historic District of CCPs August Seventh Conference Hall is located between Russian and France concession areas in Hankou Town of Wuhan City. With historical significance, it is a landmark to remind people about glorious revolutionary tradition with a local cultural extension. As time pass by, there is physical decline appeared on architectures and infrastructure. In addition, a part of land value does not match the existing function. This paper will study the compilation of conservation plan for the Historic District of CCP's August Seventh Conference Hall in Wuhan as an example, and explore the protection and renewal mode of the area. It suggests that historic district planning shall focus on multi-requests such as preservation of historic remains, urban renewal and improvement of residential conditions. It also encourages the guidance of planning control by multi-reappearance, collage matching and virtual module and etc. The planning should achieve a balance between preservation of historical remains and urban regeneration, in order to achieve benefit maximization of the historical district.
Historical Preservation Renovation
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