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Short Outline
Nairobi, with about 3 million people, is experiencing rapid population and expansive growth.The transport system is inadequate to meet the demand. What can be done to improve the transport system and the urban environment?
He is a multi-disciplinary professional a civil engineer, urban and regional planner and environmental expert. He has specialized in urban development planning, transportation and infrastructure development and environmental impact assessment. He is focused on sustainable development projects that enhance socio-cultural, economic and environmental gains.

Many cities in developing countries are experiencing rapid urban growth and development. The population growth in developing country cities is high at about 3 - 8% annually. The urban areas are also expanding rapidly and forming expansive metropolitan regions and with long commuter distance and travel time. The rapid population growth and massive spatial expansion is however causing major transport problems and challenges in these cities.

Some major transport problems and challenges in developing country cities include -

- inadequate public transport system to meet the rising travel demand,
- long commuter distance and travel time,
- high cost of transport compared to low level of income,
- inadequate development of non-motorized infrastructure network,
- poor safety and high incidence of motor traffic accidents,
- poor integration of the transportation network system,
- inadequate integration of city planning and the transportation system,
- increased pollution and deterioration of the urban environment.

Nairobi is the largest city in East Africa and capital city of Kenya with a population of over 3 million people. What is the present transport situation in Nairobi? How has the transport system impacted negatively on the city environment? How can the transport system be improved to attain a more sustainable and livable city environment?

Nairobi, Integrated Transport, environment
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