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Short Outline
In cities it is easy to find some events of short duration, which create repetitive pulsar effects. They sometimes are originated by the cultural and socio-economical characteristics of the population of the city. Although the impacts of these repetitive events on the city are known, in many cases they are outside the urban planning process.

In the Mexico City , there are diverse examples of pulsar effects, many of them we can see in the daily life, since they comprise of our customs and they represent in diverse cases leaves of our culture and our socio-economic characteristics.

An example of the previous thing is the “Tianguis” or markets on wheels, that are located in the streets and squares of the Mexican cities, generally causing important problems in the city, because the spaces have not been designed or don’t have urban policies that contain them and in another case foment them.

Nevertheless, the establishment of these markets causes a significant effect in our city, since in the occasions in which these are located in certain space, lead to an immediate chaos that entails to adjustment that are solved by necessity of the activities and processes around by means of the affected people, who in many occasions also take advantage of the virtues of this chaos or the its adjustment.

In addition to the previous case, they are numerous examples in Mexico of momentary urban processes that create important effects in the city, many of them also of little duration, but by the repetition of these becomes every time more important.

In Century XX at Mexico, we only counted on a case of a great event that caused important Pulsar Effects, this was, the Olympic Games of 1968.

For these Olympic Games great developments in infrastructure, equipment and one case of a housing development were created, to give service to the sportsmen and visitors who went to our city to be present at or to carry out these games.

As example of that we have: The gymnasium “Juan de la Barrera”, the Olympic Velodrome, the Olympic Pool, the “Paseo de la Amistad” (part of a great metropolitan road called Periferico.), the remodelling of the University Olympic Stadium called Mexico 68, the Olympic Village, among others.

For 1968, when being developed the urban elements before mentioned appeared diverse urban effects, space and social, form important manifestations of students who took advantage of the affluence and importance the happened Olympic Games in our city, until a substantial processes of housing and commercial market in the areas close to the development of the Olympic Games.

I think is precise to mention that all the infrastructures, equipment and housing developments for the Olympic Games of 1968, still are of great importance in the city, they work like landmarks and elements that structure the current city of Mexico, most of them still continue in activities for which they were constructed, housing, sports and services.

Finally, I can conclude that in my city, there are diverse examples of processes that create Pulsar Effects, from daily exist the characteristic ones of our culture and that in most of the cases is not planned until the great events that created necessary urban elements for all large city which they continue effective.
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