- Cultural Heritage and Urban Dynamic: The Role that Plays Lomé as City in the Protection, Visibility and Profitability of the Cultural Heritage    click here to open paper content566 kb
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Short Outline
Lomé, the capital city of Togo, turns a deaf ear to the role of cultural heritage and this with a lot of consequencies. What can be done to make cultural heritage the levers of development in Lomé?
In the past decades, focus has been put on cultural heritage. Therefore, in regard of moral responsibility and economical interests, many African cities and other cities of the world turn toward their heritages in order to make them the levers of development.
Unhappily, Lomé the capital city of Togo is part of many cities of the world that turn a deaf ear to the role the play those heritages. It has been noticed that the population of Lomé ignore in a bad way their cultural heritage. In the worst case, people are plundering the cultural things and art works of great value and smuggle them to foreign countries.
Due to that, our theme aims to answer questions regarding cultural heritage and in the same time show proposals in order to integrate cultural heritage to the urban dynamic of Lomé.
The work will debate this:
How by planning the urban space in Lomé, planning based on the respect of cultural heritage, can planners:
- Contribute to lessen the sad reality of smuggling cultural things abroad?
- Help the entire population of Lomé to show interest in the cultural heritage?
- Help to better the living environment?
- Help to create economical activities to enable creating jobs?
cultural haritage,urban dynamic
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