- Lost Natural Networks of the Cities: Storm Water Drainage Network Mavisehir Housing District, Izmir/Turkey    click here to open paper content2138 kb
by    Erdin, Evren | evren.erdin@deu.edu.tr   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The outline of this article consist of questioning and debate about the relation between urban networks and natural networks within the framework of urban infrastructure, storm water and Mavisehir Housing District, Izmir/Turkey.
Depending on growing urbanization, it is seen that traces and characteristics of natural networks which exist in that geography hundreds of years, are lost and transformed within new construction decisions which define urban development. This causes various changes in nature. At this point, these changes especially occurred in the green and blue networks lead to problems and threats encountered on various topics such as climate and storm water in cities.

This article aims to handle questioning and debate about urban networks as an alternative put forward by cities dictated their own networks to the nature along with urbanization within the framework of urban infrastructure, storm water and Mavisehir Housing District which was built for creating liveable urban environment as a prestigious and luxurious residential area in Izmir / Turkey. Preferred development form for this district by planning defines urban networks. Besides, it aims to discuss urban networks relation with natural networks which collect storm water and seeks answers of some questions about this issue. How does it in a conflict with natural networks? How does it cause density and pressure on existing infrastructure networks of the district? Thus, through local experience, this district created through the planning including the criteria for liveability and claim that the ideal urban living space discuss in detail with conflicts occurred between present conditions and conditions that must be. Additionally, it is emphasized proposal about application decisions what might be on developed principles regarding to planning practice.

Cities need to a planning approach which takes into account storm water and is both emerged as a result of urbanization, preventing loss of natural traces, green and blue networks and providing creation and sustainability of liveable cities in urbanising world. The debates in this article appeared on local case, will provide important inputs to the future studies about creating policy, method and standard regarding storm water in planning.
urban infrastructure, urban networks, storm water, housing district, Izmir
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