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Short Outline
The study will explain the growth of Shiraz during the last 65 years. The major focus of the paper is to present the factors of its growth. The results can provide an effective strategy for the future planning of Shiraz City.
The city of Shiraz is one of the Iranian cities par excellence. It was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and was the Iranian capital during the Zand dynasty (1747-79). Between 1956 and 2011, the Shiraz population goes more than ten times from 170,656 to 1.74 million.
The usable land area of Shiraz city, due to different urban factors increased from 22 sq. kilometers in 1956 to around 1268 sq. kilometers in 2011. In particular, it has expanded enormously and its great old structure is complemented by massive new urban developments.
To better understand the role and possibilities of planning and design, this study attempts to discover the growth of Shiraz city through last 65 years. The results can provide an effective strategy for future planning of Shiraz city.
To accomplish this purpose, this paper is organized as follows; after the introductory part, the situation of the investigated city is introduced in Section I, being followed by the explanation of the growth factors of Shiraz city in section II, study results are presented in Section III and finally the conclusions will be in section IV.
Shiraz, Growth, Population, land consumption
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